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Friday, 20 April 2012


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An overview of the beautiful climatic

Conditions on the wonder island

A beautiful sunset on your dream destination with a romantic weather that charms
everyone is something, one cannot ask for more. Cyprus is a dream island for all the
tourists around the world. There are many sources of attraction on the island and one is
its charismatic weather.

Weather can be described as the climatic condition of a particular area, the
percentage of humidity and the wind and temperature level of the area. Cyprus is the
epitome of beautiful weather and a vivacious island with all desired facilities.

If we talk about the location of Cyprus, it is located on the eastern side of the
Mediterranean Sea and is the third largest island of the Sea. It attracts the tourists
because of the feasible climatic conditions as well as an adventurous and completely
exciting location.

The weather is a humid one in Cyprus, as it is not at extreme of both, not very hot
and not very cold. The average temperature is round about 10-29 degree centigrade and
usually is in the higher 20’s in the summer and in lower 10’s in the months of winter.
One can completely enjoy each and every weather on the island.

Rainfall is something that adds to the flavor of the weather and proved to be icing
on the cake many a times. The Cyprus Island has not got a big ratio of the rainfall days,
but on an average 4-5 days per month. The bright sunlight is also an exciting attraction
for the tourists, as they can enjoy sunbath and can relax on the island. On an average
there are 9.2 hours of sunlight on Cyprus.

People want many things as far as their wishes are concern, but for a dream
destination a beautiful unending sea, with the nature spreading its charms all over, a
fancy weather and a delightful evening is something not less than a wish come true for
an individual.

A climatic condition along with a perfect location is a good combination. Tourists
are attracted by all these things. Weather is purely because of the location and nature.
Different people like different kind of weather and conditions. Mostly people favor a
weather which is humid and Cyprus is a perfect choice of that vary kind of weather.

To be laconic, Cyprus is quite a beautiful island. Cyprus contains all those things

one desire for and conceives as it is full of life, nature and beauty. One can easily be
distracted by the charms of the land but to be honest, a land which is a beautiful one,
nature all around and a dark dense sea upfront is not less than a wonderland.